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About DigiFactor

12/03/19 I just got the news from Meshmellow that they are allowing me to be a seller on the muvizu website, waiting for more info on getting started and when, so when I start I will use the funds to upgrade my website to a better premium!

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DigiFactor Animation Show :Episode 1

A teaser to the final episode!

Star Wars Kevin Eddy

Another requested cartoon of my friend Kevin Eddy, he wanted me to put him in a Star Wars cartoon, so I did, besides it gave a chance to try out AnimVR!

Star Wars Kevin Eddy: Episode 2(The Rum Strikes Back

Part 2 to Star wars Kevin Eddy, in this episode Kevin, Han, and Chewy Hides on Tatooine from the Empire in order to keep Kevin around longer so they can drink more rum and have fun, but the Empire catches up with them!

Support Me!

Do you like what I do? well I love doing it, not only for me but for everyone that loves to animate with muvizu,I'm working hard on coming up with new assets, props, and Attachments to make new characters and so on, but the time it takes to do all of this is really time-consuming, so I ask you to support me in order to help with keeping me motivated and to keep all of my free stuff free, so donate $1, $2, $3, or whatever you feel like helping with!

Pacman Madness

My Friend Kevin Eddy wanted me to make a cartoon of him, so I Had to put him in a Pacman game, now the sign in the arcade was misspelled on purpose to annoy the drunks that come in the arcade, anyway enjoy!

Alien Grey: Epsode 2

A grey Alien who is sent to Earth on an abduction mission, but fails to abduct his first subject and is determined to bring back an abductee no matter what it takes, but it seems not everything goes his way and he takes it out on his sidekick robot!

The Most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever

Enter also a subtitlThis video was really made to experiment with different techniques that I'm trying to invent with muvizu for my new Finger pistols episode, but instead turns outs to be a full cartoon.e if you want

The Most Ridiculous Boat Trip Ever!

The most Ridiculous Boat trip Ever, going on a boat trip only to find out how ridiculous it could really be when crazy things happen along the way!

Talking Tropical Birds Singing Set Test

This is a test of the talking version of my Tropical Bird's, and having them sing was a good way of testing them out, I used Bandicam to record the birds sing on set showing the timeline of the lead singer which is the cockatoo so you can see how the keyframe was played out with its cue points in place, all the other cue points are for the keyframes for the other birds, the song the lion sleeps tonight was one of my favorite songs when I was younger, it's not minded so the credit goes to the artists that created it, Disney also used it in The Lion King.

Star wars Smoking

This is a scene of Darth Vader, The Emporer, Jabba The Hutt, and Yoda sitting around the Emporers throne room smoking carp nip, this video has some Bad Language and not for younger viewers

Jurassic ZU ( Tough Cow)

This is a very short spoof of my version of Jurassic Park, remember that scene where they lowered the cow into the Raptor paddock, well I always felt sorry for the cow every time I watch it, so I made it where the cow isn't the one in danger!

Dirk The Viking (Fishy Revenge)

A Viking trying to catch a fish, but the fish seeks revenge when the worm(Fish Bait) tells him that the Viking is the one who ate his brother

Speed Boat Tease

This video is about a castaway that's been stranded on a desert island for 15 years, now it's Volcano is about to explode, and a speed boat driver keeps coming back and teasing him when all he want's is to be rescued before the Island is destroyed!

Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu part1

Indy Jones is a famous Explore who seeks out Ancient Ruins and lost Tombs for his museum, but when Clayster hires him to find a lost temple that he never heard of he takes the job only because the pay was Fat, but he doesn't have any idea what lies ahead in this unknown quest!

The end of the Chase

This is just a short video of a T-Rex that I'm working with, the poor guy tries to get away but he wrecks his jeep, but when he gets a call from his funny girlfriend he gives up!

Finger Pistols Are Dangerous; episode 1

Enter also a suOne Day a gunless slinger walks into town not know of the trouble that has already consume the town, he wanted a cold Beer, After his Indian friend warns him of the danger, he still was determined to get that beer, but when he walked into to the saloon he found his self in a world of trouble, but let's see how this turns out!btitle if you want

Finger Pistols Are Dangerous Episode 2 Red Dead Returns

Well it all seem quiet in the Town of Darewood after the Marshall killed off Red Dead and his gang, But the dead wants to settle the score, the only thing is a love for a woman changes everything, now it's an all out western Train chase to rescue her!

Finger pistols are dangerous RPG


I have been working this project for a few weeks now, I wanted to do something a little different  with storytelling other than animation so I figured that I would turn the first episode of Finger Pistols Are Dangerous into an RPG, it still has a long ways to go and will be done hopefully by the end or before next year!

Star Wars Kevin Eddy: episode 2 Concept Art

Star Wars Rescue the Rum concept Art Poster

Muvizu Sets for sale!

I'm looking for better ways to improve my Audio equipment and to get a better website so I can keep making my videos and sharing them with the world, so I am selling sets to help that goal! Also, most of my sets require the Keyframe feature

More Free Star Wars Sets!

These Sets Requires the Keyframe feature!

Death Star Hanger

This is great for those star wars scenes for your space ships to be during all of the action! 


Jedi Council

Let's say you want to make an old republic star wars video or any other, well this set is perfect for the Jedi Council!


Star Destroyer Bridge

Looking for the perfect Bridge set for a Star Destroyer? well here you go, enjoy!


The Trench Run

This set was used in my Star Wars Evin Eddy video, but it will be perfect for your own star Wars Trench Run Scene!


Free Star Wars Characters

Rebellion Characters

You can't have the dar side without the light Side, these characters are the good guys!


Empire Charactes

Cant have Star Wars without the Dark Side, these are the bad guys!


Tatooine Characters

And of course, Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars without the Tatooine Characters!


Support Me!

Do you like what I do? well I love doing animation and sharing them with the world, so please help me keep going so I can do more to put a smile on everyone's faces and help reach my goals!
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